Real Estate Agents and Developers

A Buyer's Perspective

How many times have you heard the following
statements from a prospective buyer?

"It feels cramped."
"I don't like the paint colors."
"It's really dark in here."
"What's this room supposed to be?"
"There's not enough counter space."

Why is Real Estate Staging so Critical?

Everyone knows the power of a well-presented model home.
We strive to duplicate that "model home" feeling while
eliminating the guesswork out of any confusing floor plans.
We understand that it's the power of emotion that sells!

We live in a "virtual reality" era. With Internet accessibility and virtual tours so readily available, it is imperative that the pictures displayed on the Internet focus on the best possible features of the homes you represent. Real estate staging should be completed prior to any photos taken for Internet posting to showcase a room's best architectural features.

Real Estate Staging gives you an edge when soliciting listings
from new clients because it differentiates you from your competition. "Staging" is growing internationally and is just as valuable as on-line viewings. In fact, these tools complement each other in completing the overall package of a home to be sold. Many realtors are now including the benefits of home staging in their informational packages to their sellers and are enjoying an increase in profits from taking advantage of this service. They are realizing a quick turnover of these homes and more money!

With the housing market projections currently at a low, it is imperative that the home you represent is presented at its best
in order to surpass the other homes in the neighborhood that are in the same price range.

How Encore Home Staging and Redesign can
change that "For Sale" sign to "Sold

By removing a seller's personal identity from a property,
buyers can easily see and appreciate the home's special features. This creates the positive lasting first impression realtors hope to present to their clients.

Encore Home Staging and Redesign will evaluate each
home through the buyer's eyes and minimize any potential problem areas while showcasing each home's best possible features. Our goal is to create a cozy and inviting space that outshines the competition.

A well-staged home is often perceived as being a
well-maintained property and buyers are less likely to
discount their offer for repairs and improvements. Our
process goes beyond "decluttering." We have a strategy
that focuses on the correct placement of furniture and accessories as well as the lighting of a room and the curb appeal of each home. This process works in all economic environments. Staged homes tend to sell faster in a slow market and to sell for more in an active real estate market!

The Bottom Line

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Buyers know within the first 15 seconds of seeing a home if it fits their definition of a good place to live. It is our responsibility to entice buyers by creating an environment that encourages them to seriously consider making the home their residence.

Encore Home Staging and Redesign strives to create the best possible showcased homes and to assist realtors, brokers, and devolopers with all of their home presentation needs. If you have a home listing which may require extra attention, give us a call. Would you like us to walk sellers through the inside and outside of their homes while presenting them with a "to do" list to better showcase their homes?

Do you have a listing that requires a complete Real Estate Staging?
 Would you like to remove yourself from the awkwardness
of explaining to homeowners such things as why they must paint over their "gothic" black bedroom walls or how they should remove their collection of roosters from the kitchen? We can help by relieving you from the extra responsibility of ensuring a home is ready for viewing. Remember, staging is to listing what packaging is to merchandising.

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She proudly serves the Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida areas.



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